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Great minds? Or just something in the Veuve Clicquot?

No sooner than I clicked the ‘publish’ button for the previous post, along comes a strong echo of almost exactly the same refrain. This time, Rodney Hide – after complimenting Len Brown on his stewardship of the Super City – … Continue reading

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Democracy under attack – by democracy

Paradoxes are fascinating things. Some are especially so on the day of local body elections. The famous ‘Liar Paradox‘ poses the intriguing claim by a Cretan that ‘All Cretans are always liars’. Of course, if it’s true, it’s false. And, … Continue reading

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ECan, the government and the ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’

It is hard to understand why it appears to have received so little attention or commentary nationwide (with some honourable exceptions). The extension of the rule of the ECAN Commissioners announced by David Carter (Local Government Minister) and Amy Adams … Continue reading

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Christchurch’s Second Coming

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last Slouches toward [Christchurch] to be born?” The ground is now being prepared for the future incarnation of Christchurch. What comes our way will bear the marks and influences of the … Continue reading

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ANZAC Day and Nationalism

I’ve never been to an ANZAC Day dawn service. I’ve often tried to work out why. I think I now know.

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The SAS and CEOs – what’s all the fuss about?

There’s certainly a fuss. The Defence Minister Wayne Mapp ordered an immediate inquiry. The Editor of the Nelson Mail wasn’t impressed. What is the fuss about? Perhaps it’s over the idea that the military need to run a ‘corporate cake … Continue reading

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