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Pointless referenda I would like

Well, the flag’s well and truly come down for the start of the silly season so let’s get into the spirit of it all. Yes, time to put aside all that serious politico stuff that ‘lefties’ get so uptight about. As … Continue reading

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A lesson about community

Who would have thought that, in the saga that is the ‘recovery’ of Christchurch, it would be the Anglican Church that would give us the clearest example of the emptiness of modern expressions of ‘community’? When push came to shove … Continue reading

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Ten Degrees of Difference: Is it all just a tragic misunderstanding?

I’d like to thank Walenty Lisek at The Life of the Mind blog for the detailed response to my post on the Tragic Vision. I’ll try to reciprocate as best I can with ten points in response. I should start, however, … Continue reading

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The SAS and CEOs – what’s all the fuss about?

There’s certainly a fuss. The Defence Minister Wayne Mapp ordered an immediate inquiry. The Editor of the Nelson Mail wasn’t impressed. What is the fuss about? Perhaps it’s over the idea that the military need to run a ‘corporate cake … Continue reading

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