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Blowholes and memory holes

When whales were hunted in previous centuries, the old method was to spot the intermittent bursts of spray that were shot into the air when a whale came to the surface to take a breath. The time gaps between these … Continue reading

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The SAS and CEOs – what’s all the fuss about?

There’s certainly a fuss. The Defence Minister Wayne Mapp ordered an immediate inquiry. The Editor of the Nelson Mail wasn’t impressed. What is the fuss about? Perhaps it’s over the idea that the military need to run a ‘corporate cake … Continue reading

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Publish – and be Damned

I may as well begin how I intend to go on. Why should anyone blog? After all, even the most innocuous posts can attract vitriol and ridicule. (Worse still, for the paranoid there’s the question of what those readers who … Continue reading

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