From the ‘Gomer Pyle’ files – Boys’ High Head Trevor McIntyre Resigns

Boys High Head Trevor McIntyre Resigns |

[A very short post!]

For those who paid any attention to the announcements over Christchurch schools (including my previous posts on the topic), it will come as no surprise that Trevor McIntyre was found ‘fit for purpose’ to head the “Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme”.

I guess if you’re going to do the ‘jobs for the boys’ thing in Christchurch you may as well look to CBHS.

The only question left hanging is whether or not he’ll claim backdated salary from the Government for his time fronting to the media during the post-announcement period, purportedly speaking on behalf of Christchurch Boys’ High School?

As one commenter on the stuff article put it:

Can we be told if he knew of this before Hekia Parata’s bombshell was dropped on other Christchurch educators? As he was one of the few voices I heard on-air at the time, that didn’t seem phased by the announcements and even then seemed like he was trying to curry favour with the powers that be…

‘Gomer Pyle’? – one of his memorable lines was:

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

(You had to see it for its full, cringe-worthy, utterly naive memorableness).

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