Devils, details, dark arts and Trojan horses – Update

If confirmation were needed that “putting to one side” volume 2 of the Central City Plan is because the rules and regulations in them will be neutered, then here it is.

Jo Kane on CTV’s ‘One on One‘ interview programme nails the important point – the rules and regulations have been looked at by CERA – and Brownlee – and the conclusion (already) is that, in the Minister’s own words, they need to be “finessed to make sure that they aren’t going to be, of themselves, a barrier to achieving the objectives of that [Central City] plan” (about 9mins55secs in the video).

The interesting stuff – in terms of the rules and regulations – starts at around 7min45s into the video.

A very good interview and very direct style of interviewing.

Well done Jo Kane.

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